Happy Hippo n' Friends

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Happy Hippo n' Friends
The hippy car is a vehicle in the shape of a cute blue hippo who carries other animals on his trailer. The toy plays a song in Polish and a cheerful melody with animal sounds. It is also an unusual shape sorter with attractive rhymes about animals. Just adjust the figure to the holes in the trailer to hear a short rhyme rhyme on it and hear the realistic sound that the animal makes. Play with the sorter stimulates hand-eye coordination, teaches how to recognize the relationship between cause and effect, and also perfectly affects the development of manual skills. Each of the animals in the hippy trailer can be played separately . The set includes: lion, tiger, elephant, zebra and giraffe. Their additional attraction is that they have movable legs that make a clicking sound when they move. A moving vehicle - a hippie when his child pushes it with his hand, snaps his mouth funny .
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